• Children become better readers, thinkers, and more regular library visitors through our popular Family Adventures in Reading (FAIR) program.

  • Annual Symposium: We bring together outstanding journalists, scholars, and public officials each fall for a series of public conversations examining fundamental aspects of our democratic culture.

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40 Years of Film

Experience our grant program through the lens of funded films. We’ve selected ten titles to show the topics and styles our grantees have employed over our 40-year history.

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Let’s Talk Equality

What do we owe each other? We urgently need to discuss what our social contract means today. Join us for several discussions around the state this fall.

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Reading Adventures

FAIR, a family reading program, brings children and their caregivers together to enjoy entertaining presentations of picture books and share their responses.

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Featured Grant: A.R.T. of Human Rights

Community education, civic engagement, and creative expression come together at Cambridge’s highly regarded American Repertory Theater.

Picket lines and protest scenes are rife with song and performance, while literature and theater regularly interrogate the bounds of our humanity, our capacity for acceptance, and what constitutes rightful action. Whether it is working class poetry, such as James Oppenheim’s Bread and Roses which was borne of Massachusetts’s own 1912 Lawrence Textile Strike, or characters in a Sartre novel opining on solidarity, the arts and humanities shape our expectations of justice and inform how we ought to achieve it.

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10/2/14 6:30 PM8:00 PM
In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, MAAH and Ford Hall Forum present Callie Crossley and three popular anti-racism bloggers in t...  Learn More
10/4/14 10:30 AM12:00 PM
A humanities-based family reading program with 6 storyteller-led sessions in which children aged 6 to 10 and their parents read and discuss engaging, ...  Learn More

Maria Mitchell Discovers Comet

On this day in 1847, 29-year-old Maria Mitchell stood on the roof of her parent's Nantucket home, focusing her telescope on what she believed to be a faraway star. Suddenly she realized that the blurr...
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