Humanities Scholars Participate

Become a member of the public humanities community in Massachusetts.

Bringing history, literature, philosophy, and the other humanities disciplines into the public square to inform civic dialogue and enrich lives is what Mass Humanities is all about. Humanities scholars participate in all Mass Humanities-funded projects. Join the effort!  Read about the ways you can be involved below and fill out the Scholars Participation Form.

Who qualifies as a humanities scholar?

A humanities scholar is usually an individual with an advanced degree (M.A. or Ph.D.) in a humanities discipline who is actively engaged in research, writing, and/or teaching in that field. Occasionally an individual without an advanced degree in the humanities may qualify as a humanities scholar by virtue of his or her special knowledge, experience, or contribution to humanities discourse. Humanities scholars can be found working in museums, libraries, or as independent researchers or writers.

Ways to participate in this public humanities community:

  • Simply join any of our mailing lists (Mass History, Mass Moments, eNews, print newsletter, and monthly regional event emails).
  • Get involved in our blog, The Public Humanist. Small stipends are available for contributing to this blog.
  • Get involved in grant programs. Specify ways in which you would be interested in participating in a public humanities project funded by Mass Humanities. We often are asked by grant applicants for names of scholars in a particular discipline and with a particular desire to help with a grant project, to be a panelist or moderator, or to lead book or film discussions. Some of these opportunities are paid, some are not.
  • Donate to support public humanities projects.

If you are interested in The Public Humanist blog or would like to be involved with grants, please go to our Scholars Participation Form.