Clemente Course in the Humanities to Expand to Boston and Worcester

The Bard College Clemente Course in the Humanities, which the Foundation has sponsored for two years at The Care Center in Holyoke (see the account of the graduation), will be offered this fall at two additional sites. The Codman Square Health Center, a multi-service agency providing a broad array of medical, educational, and community development programs, has been a major catalyst in the revitalization of its Dorchester neighborhood. Youth Development Gang, located in the Piedmont/Pleasant Street neighborhood of Worcester, offers a variety of educational, advocacy, and community development programs. The two agencies share a fundamental commitment to developing the skills and capacities of the people they serve, thereby helping them to improve their own lives and to build stronger communities. This commitment made the agencies logical partners in the Clemente Course, which uses study of the humanities as a means of helping economically disadvantaged people enrich their lives and become more active participants in civic society.

Neal Dolan will direct the Dorchester course and teach the literature component. Dolan is a lecturer in History and Literature at Harvard, where he has won awards for both his teaching and his writing.

Catherine Maddox-Wiley will serve as director of the Worcester course and teach Writing and Critical Thinking. Maddox-Wiley is a novelist with extensive experience as a teacher, counselor, and academic administrator, most recently as Dean of Students at Clark University.

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Published in Mass Humanities, Fall 2001