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Tuesday, October 17, 2017 4:30 PM6:00 PM
Students and teachers, tutors and mentors, organizers and activists??"those involved in prison education programs can speak to the many benefits for individuals, families, and communities. In this follow-up panel to our 10/5 event, "Why Bother with Prison Education?" participants will discuss the goals of various programs, offer reflections on their experiences, and provide information on volunteer opportunities. Panelists will include: Clark University professor Shelly Tenenbaum (Sociology), who taught last year at MCI-Norfolk, a medium security prison for men; Claude Kaitare, who worked with Tenenbaum as a teaching assistant; and Steffen Seitz from the Petey Greene Program, an organization that trains students to tutor in prison educational programs. Co-sponsored by the Higgins School of Humanities and the Department of Sociology.