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Thursday, June 21, 2018 5:30 PM6:30 PM
Barbara Suchocki's book is short, but gets to the heart of what having meaningful work and losing that work means for an individual and community. Barbara will be there to talk more about her experience, and everyone is welcome to share similar or different experiences, ask questions, talk about what her story means to you, or just listen. You can get Barbara's book by volunteering for 3 hours at the Chair City Community Workshop or donating $50 to the project. You can also sit and read it during open hours at the Heywood Memorial Library in the local history room or in the Chair City Community Workshop. The Chair City Community Workshop is a community space where first hand accounts from furniture workers are made into hand-printed, hand-bound books using old fashioned methods of bookmaking. We honor the people who made the product that defines Chair City, while bringing the community together around the production of the books.