April 2015
freedom ride  
At Mass Humanities we recognize that freedom is an integral part of our social contract and we believe that sharing ideas augments our freedoms. The humanities give us full access to the tools we need to become a better informed and enlightened populace and to improve our public discourse and community life. This month, take up the project of freedom with us.
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Take a stroll this spring on these many walking tours

Who Gets to Vote  
Who Gets to Vote?

500 years of history  
500 Years of History
The NEH and ALA bring Latino Americans to the spotlight

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Bread & Wine

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Ideas Matter

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Public Humanist

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Mass Moments



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Mass Humanities is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes the use of history, literature, philosophy, and the other humanities disciplines to deepen our understanding of the issues of the day, strengthen our sense of common purpose, and enrich individual and community life.

The National Endowment for the Humanities and the Massachusetts Cultural Council fund Mass Humanities grants. Encourage your state and federal legislators to support these agencies.
Productive Partnership
We are co-presenting the world’s best authors at Harvard Book Store
  The Great Divide
Outstanding authors and pundits are coming to Harvard Book Store in the next few weeks. Whether you enjoy the creative styles of Kazuo Ishiguro and T.C. Boyle, or the straight-talk of Barney Frank, Malcolm Gladwell, and Joseph Stiglitz, there are upcoming events you'll love to attend. We're co-sponsoring the Stiglitz event on April 20th, see you there!
Before #BlackLivesMatter
Drawing inspiration from abolition’s rhetorical masterpiece
  Frederick Douglass
In what ways does racial inequality limit our freedom? When Frederick Douglass asked what the 4th of July meant to American slaves he posed an enduring question about our social contract. This summer we invite you to prompt discussion in your community using Douglass’ words as a starting point. Host a public reading of "The Meaning of the Fourth of July for the Negro" and we’ll award you a grant of up to $500.
Let there be lights, curtain, show time!
Experience the life and death of our universe in 90 minutes
  Mr. g
The Mass Humanities-funded production of Mr g opens April 23rd at Central Square Theater. The Creator’s plans go awry when questions arise about the nature of free will in this stage adaptation of Alan Lightman’s 2012 novel. Tickets are on sale now; performances are scheduled through May 24th.
On Equal Terms
Art challenges sexism and connects young women
  On Equal Terms
In 2007, thanks to a Mass Humanities grant, a 600-square-foot gallery at Brandeis University was transformed into a space where young women vocational students could face their futures in the building trades. The art work offered the women an experienced perspective on their industry, invited them to share their experiences as female vocational students, and prepared them for challenges they would likely encounter.
Embrace the Plate
Historians dig into the 2015 Mass History Conference with relish
  Mass History Conference
The Mass History Conference has long been considered the premiere networking and skill-sharing opportunity for historians of our state culture. This year, we focus on the meaning and availability of food in Massachusetts history: what we grow, what we eat, food and identity, scarcity, and quality. College of the Holy Cross hosts this year’s conference on June 1st, look for registration information this April.
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