What Mass Humanities Does & Does Not Fund

Mass Humanities Regularly Funds:

  • Humanities-based civic conversations
  • Public lectures, conferences, and panel discussions
  • Discussion events
  • Research and inventory projects for local history organizations
  • Museum exhibitions and related programming
  • Programming to complement theatrical and artistic productions
  • Oral history projects
  • Walking tours
  • Digital and audio humanities projects
  • Film pre-production and distribution projects
  • Interactive websites that function as public humanities programs
  • Content-based professional development workshops for teachers
  • Public humanities projects in many other forms

Mass Humanities Rarely Funds:

  • Theatrical and artistic productions—unless the performers and production personnel (actors, stage hands, scriptwriters, etc.) are a primary audience benefiting from the project’s humanities content
  • Preservation of objects or archival materials—unless directly related to a public program
  • Scholarly research or writing—unless directly related to a public program
  • Scholarships, fellowships, or travel to professional meetings
  • Projects that result in academic credit for participants
  • Purchase of supplies/equipment (over $250 for a single project)
  • Purchase of food/refreshments (over $250 for a single project)
  • International travel
  • Honoraria/stipends over $500 for single events

Mass Humanities Does Not Fund:

  • Projects by individuals
  • Websites, or other materials, used to promote the organization
  • Capital improvements or operating expenses
  • Construction or restoration
  • Profit-making or fundraising projects
  • Costs of entertainment
  • Professional theatrical productions
  • Projects that advocate a single point of view, ideology, or specific program of social action
  • Projects for which the direct beneficiaries are primarily college students
  • Projects aimed primarily at audiences outside Massachusetts
  • Honoraria/stipends over $1,000 for single events