Humanities Scholars

Who is a humanities scholar?

Humanities scholars participate in all Mass Humanities-funded projects.  A humanities scholar is usually an individual with an advanced degree (M.A. or Ph.D.) in a humanities discipline who is actively engaged in research, writing, and/or teaching in that field.  Occasionally an individual without an advanced degree in the humanities may qualify as a humanities scholar by virtue of his or her special knowledge, experience, or contribution to humanities discourse.  Consult with staff if you think your scholar may fall under this category.

What is the scholar's role in a public humanities project?

Humanities scholars strengthen a project by providing a broad humanistic perspective as well as in-depth knowledge.  They play many roles, including but not limited to:

  • performing specific services for the project director, such as reviewing exhibit text, script treatments, or copy for catalogues and brochures;
  • helping shape the content of a teacher institute, exhibit, film, or other program;
  • making public presentations or participating in panel discussions;
  • writing critical and interpretive materials for brochures, catalogues, script treatments, teacher's guides, etc.