My Farm at Waltham

Gore Place appGore Place is a bucolic 45-acre homestead in Waltham, a city otherwise known for its industrial city planning and contributions to the American labor movement. The grounds were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970 for the site’s well-preserved architecture and its significance in interpreting social changes over the centuries. You can tour these important acres in person or make a digital visit from anywhere in the world using the app we funded, in part, to bring the history of Gore Place to your screen.

The tour guides you to special points of interest throughout the property, which, thanks to another Mass Humanities grant, is accessible to sight-impaired visitors. If you are able to visit in person, the app can shape and enhance your experience and provide direction as you explore. Digital visitors get much the same experience, no download required, just click to visit the Gore Place site in your browser, whether you’re on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Or, if you’re an iOS user, it’s also in iTunes.

The landscape and architecture aren’t the only features of note in the app. Quotes from Christopher Gore (the eponymous politician, lawyer, investor, and gentleman farmer) and other contextualizing content like paintings, illustrations, and early 19th century maps provide users with an engrossing experience. Whether you go in person or visit via the internet, happy travels!

Gore Place was awarded a $5,000 Project Grant for the production of a mobile device audio/video tour of the grounds of Gore Place in Waltham, the Federal estate of Governor Christopher Gore (1758-1827). Gore used his summer place as a productive farm and as a place to experiment with agricultural methods. [Project Director: Tamar Agulian; Date Awarded: 3/9/2012]

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