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The Public Humanist contributor: Lucinda Kidder

Lucinda Kidder, a doctoral candidate in Renaissance Drama and Managing Director of the Renaissance Center Theater Company (RCTC), is overall Project Director for Hampshire Shakespeare Company’s Youth and Shakespeare program. She holds an MA in Theater Education, and an MFA in Theater, and serves as director, grant writer, curriculum developer, and public relations coordinator for both Hampshire Shakespeare Company and the RCTC. Kidder is certified in Massachusetts and California in Secondary School Theater, and will be working with the evaluation and documentation of the project for future publication. Her thirty-five year career in theater education and arts management has prepared her for the challenges of such a program.

Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t

"Shakespeare? Ugh!" “I love Shakespeare myself, but my students hate just the mention of the name.” “How do I feel about teaching Shakespeare? Terrified.” “It’s the language that gets to me. If I don’t ‘get it’, how can I expect my students to?” No surprise that the above verbatim quotes are responses to my first question to high school English teachers attending a ‘Teaching Shakespeare’ workshop.