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The Public Humanist contributor: Mervan Osborne

Mervan OsborneMervan Osborne was born and raised in London and moved to New York City with his family as a teen. He has studied English and Studio Arts at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, Secondary Education at USC and earned his MFA in Film Production at BU. Mr. Osborne spent two years working for Miramax Films in New York, and has taught English and Theater in Los Angeles and here in Cambridge. Two years ago, Mr. Osborne participated in the founding of Beacon Academy, an intensive one-year program geared at preparing urban eighth grade students for competitive Independent schools. He currently serves at Beacon Academy’s Dean of Students. Outside of his commitment to education, Mr. Osborne reviews films for his own and other websites, produces independent documentary and narrative films and has directed a summer film production camp for young people for the past twelve years. Mr. Osborne is also an accomplished cook and has dreams of integrating the Food Network with his own program.

Addressing Race in School: Thoughts on the Evolution of the Black and White Discussion in the American Classroom

In June of 1990, five hundred recent college graduates convened at the campus of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles to participate in Teach For America’s inaugural Summer Teaching Institute. Over the next ten weeks, these idealistic and energetic young people participated in education classes and workshops taught by an all-star roster of instructors from around the country and worked as teacher’s assistants in some of the most challenging schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area.