The Public Humanist

The Public Humanist contributor: Beverly Prestwood-Taylor

Beverly Prestwood-Taylor co-founded the Brookfield Institute in 2007 to explore the multifaceted power of dialogue to restore and renew communities. She has facilitated dialogue in community groups, churches, prisons and on college campuses in the United States and Chile. She continues to investigate the relationship between trauma and conflict in order to understand how conflicted communities can heal. In 1979, she received a B.A. in geology from Bucknell University and completed her Masters of Divinity from Boston University School of Theology in 1983. Additionally, she is schooled in Community Conflict Mediation and Training through Plowshares Institute in Hartford, CT., and in Appreciative Inquiry, Restorative Justice and Trauma Healing through Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Va. In 2008, she was awarded her Doctor of Ministry with distinction from Hartford Seminary, focusing on trauma healing and conflict transformation.

People’s Voice is Heard at COP-15

Larry Ragland, an unemployed health insurance executive from Methuen, MA., was mesmerized by the recent United Nations Climate Change talks in Copenhagen (COP-15), eager to see the nations work out a deal to address global warming. He confessed, “It was almost as much of a priority as my job search. I read every article that came out… in the Globe or the Wall Street Journal and I would clip it and file it in my bag. It was very exciting.”


World Wide Views on Global Warming: A Global Citizen Consultation on International Climate Policy

"You really want to hear what people from this community think?” The middle-aged Latino man was supervising the neighborhood kids in the South End as they played pick-up basketball. “What’s the catch?” “No catch,” we assured him. “In fact some people will even be paid for their participation.”