The Public Humanist

The Public Humanist contributor: Robert M. Wilson

Robert M. Wilson is the Executive Director of the Amherst-based Veterans Education Project. For information on a national project to preserve veterans’ oral histories and more tips on encouraging veterans to share their stories, visit the National Archives Veterans History Project website.

Why We Need to Study War More

In his recent Humanist column (“Ain’t Going to Study War No More”), Tim Neumann of the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association (PVMA) wonders why so many Americans place so much attention on “studying” war. Rightly, he questions what we gain from this. Is this fascination a form of glorification, or even warmongering?


Celebrating Veterans Day through the Stories of Those Who Served

Veterans Day parades, ceremonies and speeches are the traditional ways we honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Without editorializing about such traditions, I want to suggest an additional means of observing November 11. Seek out a family member, neighbor or colleague who served in the military and engage that person in a conversation about his (or her) military experience. Ask a question or two. Listen. Ask another question.