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The Public Humanist contributor: Naila Moreira

Naila Moreira is a writing counselor at Smith College’s Jacobson Center for Writing, Teaching and Learning. She is also a lecturer in the English department, specializing in science writing. Her science and environmental journalism and nature essays have appeared in The Boston Globe, Science News, The Seattle Times, The Common Online and other venues. She earned her bachelor's degree from Amherst College and her doctorate in geology from the University of Michigan.

History in Fiction, for Young and Old

In the thick of the Cold War in 1960’s America, young Juliet Klostermeyer’s mother finally agrees to sit down with her daughter to watch Mr. Ed on TV. It’s a big moment for Juliet, the eleven-year-old protagonist of Ellen Wittlinger’s This Means War. Lately, her mother has been too stressed managing the family’s failing store to spend much time with her daughter.