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The Public Humanist contributor: Irene Smalls

Irene-SmallsStoryteller, author, and historian Irene Smalls says that she became an author in kindergarten. In kindergarten, she was taught the beauty of language through song, games and dance. “Reading was a thing that you do that is loud and fun.” When Smalls was told that she wasn’t a good writer in junior high, high school, and college, she always remembered the magic of kindergarten. Years later when she lost her job and had to find a new one, a chance reading of a Boston Globe article about Little Brown led Smalls to create her first story. Smalls’ storytelling presentations include core components of literacy instruction for K-15 students using a variety of instructional approaches: reading aloud, word study, shared reading, and movement. For older students she discusses the publishing business, the writing process, the job of being a writer and risk taking. She is the author of 15 children's books and three interactive storytelling CDs. Smalls was raised by her Godmother, Louise McNeil.

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