The Public Humanist

The Public Humanist contributor: Debra Kaufman

Debra Kaufman was the founding director of the Women's Studies department at Northeastern University in 1982. She later co-founded the Jewish Studies program and was named a Matthews Distinguished University Professor in the sociology department. Her work contributes to our understanding of how we construct and are shaped by our ethnic, religious, and gender identities.

Are You Ladies Alone?


The recent trend in women choosing to marry late (or not at all) is as liberating as any movement, suffrage or sexual.


Believing is Seeing

If gendered differences are made to appear biological and irreversible, it is easier to reinforce the heterosexuality and male privilege in our gendered relationships.


Two Homelands: Identities on the Borders

Can one person inhabit two homelands simultaneously? What does it mean to each identity?


Who are “We”?

We know rather little about the life stories of those we call “them”. More worrisome, what we claim to know often reflects a one-size-fits-all set of negative stereotypes that distances us from and reinforces a distrust and fear of those foreign born.