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The Public Humanist contributor: Rosario M. de Swanson

Rosario M. de Swanson is Professor of Spanish Language and Latin American Literature & Gender Studies at Marlboro College. Her work has appeared in Hispanic Journal, Hispania, Alba de America, Revista Iberoamericana, Grafemas, and MARGES. In 2011 she received the prestigious Victoria Urbano Award in drama, presented by the Asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura Femenina Hispánica (AILCFH) for her play Metamorfosis ante el espejo de obsidiana (Metamorphosis before the Obsidian Mirror). Her latest book, "¿Y cuál es mi lugar señor entre tus actos?": El drama de Rosario Castellanos (Peter Lang, 2018) studies the dramaturgy of Rosario Castellanos.

Literature as Resistance: Nicomedes Santa Cruz


Nicomedes Santa Cruz worked from within the Spanish décima tradition to stage the recovery of his Afro-Peruvian roots.


Literature as Resistance: María Nsué Angüé’s Ekomo

Guinean writer María Nsué Angüé’s novel Ekomo explores the liminality of being in a moment of deep crisis.


Literature as Resistance: The Works of Rosario Castellanos

Underrated and underread: the work of Mexican feminist writer Rosario Castellanos can be considered a literary act of resistance, a way of carving out a female space in public intellectual life.