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The Public Humanist contributor: Matthew Glassman

Matthew Glassman is Lead Actor and Co-Director of Double Edge Theatre in Ashfield, MA. A core group member and officer of the artist-run Board of Directors, Glassman is also the co-director of the ensemble's actor training. Glassman has extensive experience teaching emerging theatre artists, beginning with his work designing and directing the theatre's student programs, and including co-direction of the training residencies/performances at Brandeis University and the Yale School of Drama. Glassman heads Double Edge's touring initiatives, which in recent years have included tours to three countries and numerous venues in the US; he also produced for Double Edge two sold-out New York tours by the acclaimed Polish company Gardzienice. His work as a playwright, Joby's Music, was showcased at Hartford's New Plays Festival and won First Prize in Playwriting at Trinity College. Prior to coming to Double Edge, Glassman worked in elementary and middle schools throughout New England, teaching movement, circus arts, monologue-writing, and mask work, through national and state Arts in Education funding programs. He has a B.A. in Theatre and Dance from Trinity College, and participated in the Trinity/La MaMA Performing Arts program.

And What about the Irrational? More Musings on Taste and Ideology

How do we relate to culture? Have we lost our connection to it? Perhaps you can help weave these threads somehow.


Why Am I Doing This?

>One night in August, I was soaking wet from having just been in a pond, under the moonlight in rural Ashfield. I was walking around the side of a barn and I was listening to the applause from the audience who had come to see our performance of the Arabian Nights. They had just reached the end of a travelling performance spectacle that travels around a former dairy farm, from scene to scene outdoors and inside, culminating at our pond.