The Public Humanist

The Public Humanist contributor: Beth Hoke

Beth Hoke is Coordinator of the Sharon Pluralism Network, where she works with network partner organizations to facilitate the development of cross-organizational programming in order to draw from groups across the community, to expand the reach of individual groups, enhance understanding and broaden perspectives in order to strengthen community bonds and foster pluralism. She also is a clinical psychologist and a Visiting Associate Professor in the psychology department at Bridgewater State College.

Creating Community through Film

What does “WIIFM” have to do with fostering interfaith and multicultural understanding? This is a question I asked myself when a public relations consultant volunteered to advise the Steering Committee of the Sharon Pluralism Network (SPN). “WIIFM,” or “What’s in it for me?” refers to the idea that people take interest in activities when they believe that paying attention leads to something of value for them.