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Broadsheets, Live Tweets, and Television: Media in Culture and the World

Media shapes our culture and our world. It’s how we get our news, listen to our music, and entertain ourselves. It’s defines elections and relationships. It even changes our language. And with the invention of terms such as “fake news” and “hashtag,” media is in the media like never before.

The Public Humanist invites thoughtful contributions on the subject of media past, present, and future. What can we learn from or about media by basing inquiry in the humanities?

Articles in this theme will concern topics like the following:

  • Our relationship to media, good, bad, and ugly
  • How media creates culture or does culture creates media
  • Where media has been and where it is going
  • How and where ethics apply and how they might apply differently across different forms of media
  • Media’s representation and/or how it represents itself
  • The history and purpose of journalism

As in past years, a stipend of $200 is available to bloggers who publish three or more pieces for the Public Humanist.

If you are interested in becoming a Public Humanist contributor, please submit a scholar form and send your article proposal (a 3-4 sentence abstract) to the editor.

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