Family Adventures in Reading

What is it?

Family Adventures in Reading brings together children and adults to enjoy entertaining and thought-provoking presentations of outstanding picture books. Together they share and reflect on their responses to the stories that explore character-building concepts such as courage, fairness, and persistence. Each 90-minute session includes an engaging, interactive presentation by a professional storyteller. The session concludes with an introduction to a library service and socializing over light refreshments. The books draw on a variety of cultural traditions including those that predominate in the neighborhoods where the program is offered.

Who participates?

Participants in Dudley, MA

Participants in Dudley, MA

Children ages 6 to 10 and their care givers (e.g. parents, grandparents, foster parents) attend along with the professional storyteller who facilitates each session.

Mass Humanities is piloting a new version of this popular program to engage families with children ages 10-13. Children and their parents or caregivers will read chapters from age-appropriate novels and convene four times. Skilled facilitators will lead provocative conversations about characters, the challenges they face, and how writers connect their readers with other lives and worlds. Each session will feature art making and light refreshments.

What does this program do?

The program encourages parents to read to their children at home. It makes visiting the library a regular family activity by modeling expressive storytelling and introducing the pleasures and rewards of exploring ideas. Participants learn from one another’s different perspectives. Each session provides an opportunity for caregivers and children to think critically and discuss moral issues. The program also informs and encourages people of all ages to benefit from the resources of their public libraries.

Where do I find the program?

The program can be found in libraries across Massachusetts. Explore the current schedule of programs. Public libraries in other Massachusetts cities and towns interested in offering FAIR to their communities are encouraged to contact Mass Humanities for more information.

What books are read?

The host library may choose from two sets of books. Two theme specific books are read by the family the week before each session.

Who funds it?

Mass Humanities recruits and hires the storytellers and provides the books. Participating libraries provide the meeting space, light refreshments, and the services of their librarians who recruit families in collaboration with various other community agencies.