Family Adventures in Reading

What is it?

Family Adventures in Reading (FAIR) brings children ages 6–10 and adults together to enjoy outstanding and thought-provoking picture books. Each FAIR session includes an engaging, active reading of a book, followed by guided discussions on the book and on a principal theme found in the book. Each FAIR session is a part of a longer series that focuses on one of three overarching topics: character, relationships, or community.

FAIR picture books—which families take home to keep—are scholar-chosen for literary and artistic qualities, as well as for their engagement with humanities themes that are meaningful and sometimes difficult for children. In addition to thematic considerations, the books draw on a variety of cultural traditions found in contemporary American—and global—communities. The books work together in the creation of multicultural, diverse, and inclusive syllabi.

Who participates?

Participants in Dudley, MA

Participants in Dudley, MA

Children ages 6–10 and their caregivers (including parents, grandparents, and foster parents) attend.

What does this program do?

FAIR allows and encourages children and families to read together for pleasure and for the meaningful discussion that reading inspires.

FAIR counteracts trends that lead to achievement gaps and low literacy, especially in communities with high levels of poverty. FAIR meets families where they live and offers the space and time to experience reading books for enjoyment outside of school and to learn about public libraries. FAIR gives children and families books to keep, and FAIR storytellers model active reading and discussion in ways that families can continue at home.

FAIR provides support, services, resources, and outstanding picture books to families and communities, while also providing children and families with rich humanities experiences that can be continued and repeated.

What books are read?

FAIR organizers choose from three syllabus options.

How do I get FAIR in my community?

To organize a FAIR series in any Massachusetts city or town, please contact Jennifer Hall-Witt at Mass Humanities. More information on the curriculum and on publicity resources are available.

Who funds it?

Mass Humanities funds FAIR series through our Discussion Grants program.