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I must add that the Mass Moments website is terrific and I enjoy receiving the daily emoments – well researched and interesting.— posted on discussion board
Mass Moments, is an electronic almanac of Massachusetts History. Every day, radio and podcast listeners and Internet users find a different story about events and people from three centuries of Massachusetts history. Teachers use it to enhance the curriculum in history and social science, English and language arts, and other subjects. In addition to streaming audio and the text of the minute-long spot, every story on the website has a background essay, primary source document, image, and links to both virtual and “real” resources. An interactive timeline and map provides historical and geographic context, and a message board offers the opportunity for visitors to post comments, corrections, or questions.

You can sign up to receive Mass Moments daily via email or as a podcast. If you post a question to the message board, you can be notified when a response is posted. All 365 “Moments” are searchable by date, key word, subject, time period, and region.

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