Travel with Mass Humanities

What is it?

Mass Humanities’ Traveling Humanities Seminars provide humanist-led cultural experiences to small groups of travelers on thematic excursions in foreign countries. Mass Humanities coordinates these trips with partners to provide rare opportunities for people-to-people cultural exchanges. Travelers get full-access passes and experience in-depth intellectual immersion through meetings with their hosts, including historians, artists, musicians, university faculty, religious leaders, and non-governmental organizations. Trip length, cost, guides, and destination vary year to year.

Who participates?

Intellectually curious adventurers and humanists who are interested in a guided tour and a unique look at other cultures should register.

What does this program do?

Traveling Humanities Seminars educate the public through hands-on experiences of places of interest and global significance. Trips have been offered in places that have been inaccessible to most U.S. citizens, such as Cuba, and emerging democracies are often selected destinations. Mass Humanities evaluates and decides upon the location for each Seminar using the place’s relevance, newsworthiness, and educational opportunities as a rubric.

How may I hear about future trips planned?

Currently there are no plans for any future trips.

Who funds it?

Each trip is fully funded by the travelers. A portion of the traveler’s fee is a tax deductable donation to Mass Humanities.