The Harvest – Readings

Boston After Busing

Farah Stockman’s Pulitzer Prize-winning series of columns examining race and education.  READ

Whitey Bulger, Boston Busing, and Southie’s Lost Generation

Michael Patrick Macdonald’s commentary on Boston’s busing forty years later written for the Schuster Institute at Brandeis University.  READ

Boston Busing/Desegregation Project Report

Key findings from data collection to date prepared by Union of Minority Neighborhoods  READ (pdf)

Unfinished Business: 7 Questions/7 Lessons

Linking Boston’s “Busing/Desegregation Crisis” to Struggles for Equity, Access and Excellence for All in Boston Today. Prepared by Union of Minority Neighborhoods  READ (pdf)

Racial Discrimination in Public Schools: A Historical Timeline

A timeline of events. Sourced from Story of American Public Education, Master Timeline, PBS; and Teaching Tolerance READ (pdf)

School Desegregation Reading Circles Facilitators Guide

A guide to facilitating a Reading Circle. Prepared by Fran Smith and Bethany Allen for Mass Humanities.  READ (pdf)

The Resegregation of Jefferson County

What one Alabama town’s attempt to secede from its school district tells us about the fragile progress of racial integration in America. By Nikole Hannah-Jones, New York Times Magazine, 9/6/17  READ