E Pluribus Paralysis: Can We Make Our Democracy Work?

The 10th annual Mass Humanities Symposium held on November 9, 2013 at Boston College focused on constructive ideas for making American democracy work at a time when “the corrupting influence of money, the manipulation of elections and the enduring legacy of social, racial and gender divisions have eroded confidence in America’s political system.”

Session 1:  Capital Ideas:  Reducing the influence of money in our democracy Panelists: Thomas Mann, Zephyr Teachout, Alan Wolfe, Jane Clayson (moderator)
Session II:  Righting Voting Wrongs:  Making our republic more democratic Panelists: Heather Gerken, Alexander Keyssar, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Jane Clayson (moderator)
Session III:  Bending the Arc of History:  Toward equality and democracy Panelists: Reniqua Allen, Kenneth Feinberg, Glenn Loury, Jane Clayson (moderator)

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