Democracy & Dissent

In 1992, Eugenia Kaledin and other residents of Lexington formed the Lexington Oral History Project to preserve the memory of an important event that a mere 20 years had all but erased. The LOHP’s work led to the prizewinning film Unfinished Symphony, which was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in 2001. When an exhibit on the 1971 antiwar protests and subsequent arrests on Lexington’s Battle Green was indefinitely postponed during the Persian Gulf War, the exhibit evolved into an online compendium of information on the events that rocked Lexington on Memorial Day weekend, 1971. The Democracy & Dissent project catalogues 66 video interviews with veterans, onlookers, clergy, and town politicians. Also noteworthy are transcripts of the Board of Selectmen’s meetings surrounding the Memorial Day weekend protests. It’s easy to imagine any one of the fascinating stories above relegated to the footnotes and sidebars of modern school books. GRANT DETAILS
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