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The Fairy Tale Syndrome: Gender and Cultural Identity in Old Fables

The ancient fables encapsulated and codified gender archetypes arising as oral legends from the mists of time, yet much is missing in that narrative and not all of the aspects of the timeless tales serve us well in contemporary society.


Zen and the Art of Book Covers

Just start doing it. It can be a fictional project on your own if you want. Just do it; there is no recipe other than that.


Sixteen Black Children’s Books for Better Bodies and Better Brains

This Black History month (and beyond!) let’s give our kids the gifts of learning and living.


We Need More Diverse Books Because Black Lives Matter

The WeNeedDiverseBooks and BlackLivesMatter movements are the same. One campaign deals with the movement’s beginning. The other campaign deals with the movement’s ending – if things are not changed in the beginning.


Cutting up Books in Libraries and other FAIR Adventures

On a recent Saturday, a group of adults and preteens gathered at the J.V. Fletcher Library in Westford, MA and began cutting up books. I mean, really tearing into them, leaving big holes in the pages. Right there in plain view of the librarian. And no one stopped them. They cut and ripped and cut some more. And then something magical happened. The books were reborn. They became art.


Understanding Islam: Some Library Discussion Group-Tested Book Suggestions

Today’s news about U.S. Warplanes attacking Iraq has prompted me to dig into my files for an annotated bibliography listing the books selected by Mass Humanities for its “Understanding Islam” reading and discussion program that took place in dozens of public libraries in Massachusetts from 2002-2004.