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Still They Persisted: What a 105 Year Old Strike in Lawrence, MA Can Teach Us About Organization and Social Change

Suggesting that the 1912 strike started in a flash over a wage cut diminishes the contributions of the laborers—mostly women and immigrants—who built unity out of diversity.


Thinking with Arendt about Massachusetts Ballot Question 2: Revaluing the “Public” in the Fight for Public Education

Vote buttons

This November, Massachusetts voters will be deciding whether to lift the cap on charter schools in the Commonwealth, begging the question of what advocates mean by the term “public.”


Between Tradition and Innovation

SMFA Painting Students

Recent mergers in Boston’s higher education community shed light on a new way of conceiving the humanities that bodes well for the increased wealth of cultural resources in our state


Grace, Beauty, and … Masculine Fire?

Prejudice has proved a formidable barrier to talented women in music. Historically, as now, education enables women to cross borders into heretofore unknown musical territory.


Arriving in the “Empire of Dreams”

Puerto Rican flags

As a contributor to the Herencia Latina series programming, City of Holyoke Councilor Jossie Valentin explores the significance of Puerto Rican migration through the story of her own arrival in western Massachusetts.


Latina/os in Turners Falls

Herencia Latina

On Thursday September 17th, around twenty-five people gathered at the Shea Theater in Turners Fall to watch episode six of Latino Americans, the six-hour, 3-part documentary that aired on PBS in spring 2013. Facilitator Mari Castañeda, Ph.D., reflects on the gathering.


The Freedom to Play with Words

Our best language arts teachers are motivated by a desire to awaken the student’s essential self through literature and writing. Yet state and national curriculum do not emphasize creative writing.


On Learning by Making

I have a new bookshelf. It modestly greets all who enter the house. The top shelf holds, perfectly, an old set of cloth-bound books of walking tours of English counties. Other random favorites with handsome spines populate the lower shelves. What’s special about this shelf is that I made it. Bear with me: I’m bragging, although it’s a dubious honor to have completed this small project over the course of several months, taking weekly classes at a local craft school that offers courses to the community at amazingly low prices.


Educating Our Educators: Where Can We Find Humanities Resources?

The United States Department of Education website for Massachusetts claims that "every day we learn what works so students can make greater progress" learning reading and mathematics. They offer statistics on the number of schools making adequate yearly progress, schools in need of improvement and schools that are in the middle of restructuring, all compared to schools in the greater United States.


Computers and Global Education in Practice

About two years ago I created a post on Craigslist Shanghai. It explained that I was a teacher in the US,looking for another educator in China who was interested in having his/herstudents communicate in English with my high school students. I figured that either no one would respondor inappropriate offers would be made.In fact, there was only one response; Miss Yang, who was beginning her journey of teaching English and wondered if her students had the language skills to be able to communicate online.