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On Learning by Making

I have a new bookshelf. It modestly greets all who enter the house. The top shelf holds, perfectly, an old set of cloth-bound books of walking tours of English counties. Other random favorites with handsome spines populate the lower shelves. What’s special about this shelf is that I made it. Bear with me: I’m bragging, although it’s a dubious honor to have completed this small project over the course of several months, taking weekly classes at a local craft school that offers courses to the community at amazingly low prices.

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Educating Our Educators: Where Can We Find Humanities Resources?

The United States Department of Education website for Massachusetts claims that "every day we learn what works so students can make greater progress" learning reading and mathematics. They offer statistics on the number of schools making adequate yearly progress, schools in need of improvement and schools that are in the middle of restructuring, all compared to schools in the greater United States.

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Computers and Global Education in Practice

About two years ago I created a post on Craigslist Shanghai. It explained that I was a teacher in the US,looking for another educator in China who was interested in having his/herstudents communicate in English with my high school students. I figured that either no one would respondor inappropriate offers would be made.In fact, there was only one response; Miss Yang, who was beginning her journey of teaching English and wondered if her students had the language skills to be able to communicate online.

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Addressing Race in School: Thoughts on the Evolution of the Black and White Discussion in the American Classroom

In June of 1990, five hundred recent college graduates convened at the campus of the University of Southern California in Los Angeles to participate in Teach For America’s inaugural Summer Teaching Institute. Over the next ten weeks, these idealistic and energetic young people participated in education classes and workshops taught by an all-star roster of instructors from around the country and worked as teacher’s assistants in some of the most challenging schools throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

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Educating Us and Them: Breaking Stereotypes and Moving Towards a More Effective Correctional System

I wholeheartedly agree with my colleague, Kristen Bumiller, who argues that increasing access to higher education for people caught up in the criminal justice system could make a world of difference for individuals, their families, and the communities they reside in. Multiple studies have concluded that education is instrumental in reducing recidivism rates by increasing earning potential, and improving self-esteem and decision-making skills.

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Education, Prisons, and Battling Misperceptions

In Massachusetts and across the nation the formerly incarcerated are faced with often-insurmountable obstacles in finding jobs, rebuilding relationships and rejoining communities. The surest way to improve their chances for success is indisputably providing opportunities to pursue a college degree. A college education provides not only skills and credentials, but more importantly, it helps to repair the psychic damage caused by social exclusion.

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