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Believing is Seeing

If gendered differences are made to appear biological and irreversible, it is easier to reinforce the heterosexuality and male privilege in our gendered relationships.

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Betty Friedan, right, and Kathryn F. Clarenbach of the University of Wisconsin at the second annual National Organization for Women (NOW) in Washington D.C. in 1967.

For Equality Only, We Wish to Contend

Massachusetts history contains many feminists who espoused full-humanity for men and women as well as equal political, educational, and occupational opportunities, including some early feminists who challenged traditional definitions of gender.

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Intersex bodies photographed

Disciplining Androgyny: A Brief History of Binary Gender

We are witnessing the mainstream arrival of transgender, genderqueer, and other gender diverse people. Along with this surge in awareness have come questions from so many who want help understanding new terms, new ways of thinking about gender, and much more. But, to understand society’s newfound recognition, we must ask, what is gender (identity)?

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Teaching and Learning the F Word

In classes I teach, a female student invariably tosses this one into conversation, using the phrase to make sure that, despite what she is about to say, no one should think badly of her. And I have taught many different kinds of students, from a variety of backgrounds in a variety of settings. Still the same sentence:"I am not a feminist." The statement is always striking– not only because students rarely come up with anything self-consciously radical in many classroom conversations, but …

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