The David Tebaldi Fund

To support public humanities programming that encourages inclusion

David Tebaldi Fund

Since he began serving as Executive Director of Mass Humanities in 1985, David Tebaldi has devoted his professional life to improving the lives of Massachusetts residents using the humanities, always with the values of equality, justice, and liberty to guide him. In recent years the need for greater social inclusion has come to the fore: improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of those disadvantaged based on their identity. Under David’s leadership, Mass Humanities programming has focused on inclusion, with the Clemente Course (college-accredited, tuition-free introduction to the humanities); Open & Honest community discussions of contemporary issues of race and justice; public readings of Frederick Douglass’s speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” in towns and cities across the Commonwealth, and much more.

David was central to these successes, but after 33 years of dedicated service, he will retire in October. (Read David’s reflections in his retirement announcement.) In a levelheaded, community-building, and philosophical way, David has overseen the transformation of Mass Humanities from a strictly re-granting organization funded entirely by the National Endowment for the Humanities to one that addresses current societal needs through its own programming. Building on David’s work, Mass Humanities is committed to this emphasis on inclusion in its programming, and to do so we need your help.

To ensure the continuation of a programming emphasis on inclusion, the Mass Humanities Board of Directors has established The David Tebaldi Fund and seeks unrestricted contributions to it.




At the heart of David’s vision for Mass Humanities thrives a vibrant democracy based on civility, diversity, morality, and free expression, where the humanities help ensure that:

  • Opposing sides maintain respect for each other;
  • People with different viewpoints are sought out and welcomed;
  • Ethical principles are refined and followed; and
  • We encourage each other to voice our opinions.

Your Gifts At Work

Annually, Mass Humanities spends in the $400,000 range to support inclusion grantmaking and programs such as our five Clemente Courses across the state. Examples of what your unrestricted gift make possible:

  • $10,000 An Engaging New Audiences grant for a non-profit or school;
  • $5,000: Expenses for one Clemente Course student;
  • 2,500 A Reading Frederick Douglass community discussion grant; or
  • $500 Instructional materials for one Clemente Course site for a year.

The David Tebaldi Fund is Over $160,000!

Donors as of 10/28/18:


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Albert Anderson
Glynda Benham
John Bickford Foundation
Ben Birnbaum
Kathryn R Bloom
Bruce Bullen and Maria Krokidas
Margaret Burchenal
John A. Burgess and Nancy Adams
James R. Burke
Carl Carlsen
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The Clearbrook Fund of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Bruce Cohen
John and Marie Dacey
Alice DeLana
Louise D. Deutsch
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Educational Travel Alliance, Inc.
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