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Discussion grant

Up to $3,000 Up to Up to $3,500 if project meets priority if project meets [priority]

Discussion Grants support projects that include face-to-face conversations about humanities topics. Projects allow for the exchange of thoughts, opinions, and ideas in response to almost any kind of text or event: reading circles, films, talks, performances, tours, exhibits, lectures, and more. For example, formats can include a film-and-discussion series, a one-time event that includes active reflecting and discussing, or the creation of an exhibit or walking tour along with a discussion.


All nonprofit, educational institutions and government organizations that serve Massachusetts residents are eligible to apply.

Timeline: The summer 2020 Discussion Grant round has been cancelled. A summer funding round will be announced soon, so please keep your ideas ready

  • Letter of Inquiry Form Deadline:
  • Application Deadline:
  • Notification: Approx.
  • Date Public Events May Begin:

This is the final Discussion Grant opportunity of the fiscal year. Want to view past deadlines? Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 deadlines 

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