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Past Grants Awarded

Explore the Mass Humanities funded projects awarded from 2000 to the present.  Browse by grant type, city, region or keyword.  Subscribe to our newsletter and receive news when grants are awarded.  

Proposal Development Grant
Williamstown, MA, Berkshire County (Berkshire)

Williamstown House of Local HistoryWilliamstown Historical Museummore

The preliminary stage (planning and consulting) for a long-term exhibit that explores how and why the town of Williamstown came to be what it is, the forces and groups that shapes it, the ways in which it has reflected national developments, and the ways in which the town is unique.

Williamstown Historical Museum
Williamstown, MA, Berkshire County (Berkshire)

project director: Nancy Burstein
awarded on: 2000-05-26
amount: $500

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