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July 2015

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Celebrate independence and indigenous art, explore modernism and Utopias, labor on the farm or just enjoy a lazy day like it’s the 1800s. Massachusetts humanists bring you all of these offerings and more this month.

funded projects

The Money Well Spent

We made twenty-three new grants in our May round, $121,272 in awards.

The projects we funded span three centuries, address diverse topics, and cover the globe to bring us new, insightful, and previously overlooked perspectives. The announcement for each project—with pictures—is up.


Get a grant

Advance Notice

Is your organization next in line for Mass Humanities funding?

The results of our next grant round will be announced in December but this summer is the perfect time to prepare and submit your Letter of Inquiry (LOI) form. The deadline for project grant LOI forms is September 21st. If you’re interested in a Research Inventory Grant, the deadline is October 5th.


Reading Frederick Douglass event

Weighty Words, Significant Sentences

Your last chance to catch a Reading Frederick Douglass event this year.

Frederick Douglass has staying power. Racial issues make headlines today and Douglass’ advice—heeded by President Lincoln and other influential Americans over the centuries—resonates as much as ever. Catch a reading of his rhetorical masterpiece, or read a few words of it yourself, in New Bedford on the 9th or Pittsfield on the 16th.


Senator Elizabeth Warren

"On a Better Track"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren congratulated our 2015 Clemente Course graduates.

The sixteen graduates in the first Worcester Clemente Course cohort received senatorial accolades. This year, 50 students overcame challenges like personal, linguistic, family, and financial issues in order to graduate. All told, over 500 lives have been changed by our efforts in our four established sites. Watch Senator Warren’s address.



Got story?

Teens take the state to perform the arts of storytelling and scholarship.

The StoriesLive high school story slams put the humanities up close and personal. The true, personal stories told by more than 6,000 high school student participants can elicit powerful emotions. Read about the program and watch the most outstanding performances.



Exiles, Emigrants, and Wanderers

Harvard Book Store captures the spirit of political turbulence this month.

Our partnership with Harvard Book Store continues in July with perspectives on social upheaval in contexts as varied as the 17th century Europe and the Filipino diaspora. Gordon Teskey’s reflections on Milton show a changing poet true to his ethics and values amidst social shifts. Mia Alvar talks with celebrated novelist Celeste Ng about displaced Filipino families looking for a home around the globe.



Who's Getting Burned?

What’s cooking in the American melting pot? An activist, an academic, and a former judge discuss immigrants and the law on July 8th.


Ideas Matter

On Ideas Matter

Vermont Humanities Council discusses Standing Together: Veterans Book Groups and the power of the humanities to help veterans.


The Public Humanist

The Public Humanist

Immigrants’ motivations look much the same as they did 250 years ago.


Mass Moments

On this day in 1926...

"Boston's Elder Statesman of the Blues," Weepin' Willie Robinson, was born.


Mass Humanities on Facebook

Clemente on NPR

Adult course offers learning for the sake of learning.


Mass Humanities on Twitter

Digging Northampton's History

Documenting the public archeology project behind the historic Parson House.


Science v. Religion

Humanities Calendar

We list the best humanities programming in the Commonwealth on our event calendar. See what is happening this month at Mass Humanities.


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