Research Inventory Grants

Mass Humanities seeks to support small historical organizations in Massachusetts by funding inventorying projects designed to support future programming, including but not limited to cataloguing of manuscripts, published records, photographs, artifacts, or other materials in the organization`s collections or mission area. General inventories and inventories prepared for national register or historic district nominations will not be considered. Institutions that successfully complete an inventory project are encouraged to apply for the Scholar in Residence program.

A Research Inventory Grant (RIG) carries a maximum award of $2,000. To get a sense of what kind of programming we support, we suggest a stroll through the Grants Awarded section.

Essentials for Applicants

  • Mass Humanities accepts applications online. There are two parts to the RIG online application process.
    • Submit an online Inquiry form (LOI) any time, at least two weeks prior to the application deadline. A Program Officer will respond and work with you.
    • When Inquiry form (LOI) is approved to apply for funding, you will be notified by email and be given access to the full online application. Submit the full application by the application deadline.
  • Download and read the research inventory grant guidelines document before submitting an LOI. Full instructions on how to apply online can be found here.
  • Eligibility: Massachusetts museums, historical societies, or other organizations with historical collections and a record of presenting interpretive history programs to the public and an operating budget of under $75,000.
  • Project results must be made public: deposited in a public library or archive, made available online, or published in a readily available brochure.
  • Questions, contact: Abbye Meyer, Rose Sackey-Milligan, or Patty Bruttomesso


See grant deadlines page.

Grant Publicity Requirements, click here.