• Annual Symposium: We bring together outstanding journalists, scholars, and public officials each fall for a series of public conversations examining fundamental aspects of our democratic culture.

  • Hospital workers reflect and focus on the care they provide through the power of literature thanks to our facilitated group sessions in the Literature & Medicine program.

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Celebrating 40 Years

We marked our 40th anniversary with a forum and gala at the Kennedy Library and conferred the first Governor's Awards in the Humanities.

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Find a Grant

We want your ideas for public programs that engage the humanities! We will award $350,000 this year in grants—inquire by 3/20 about one for your work.

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Experience of War

Mass Humanities seeks to expand its reading and discussion program in two VA Medical Centers or veterans/ military service organizations in MA.

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Featured Grant: The Health of Democracy

Six conversations to spark consideration of our social contract.  The question of the proper role of government in overseeing and shaping today’s social contract has become increasingly contentious. Beginning this month, the Cambridge Forum will bring together scholars, community leaders, and citizens in a discussion series called “The Health of Democracy,” which responds to those contemporary issues that are fraying the social contract.

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More events...
2/2/15 6:00 PM8:00 PM
Join us for the film screening of "Of Many" with a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Diana Eck, founder and director of the Pluralism Project at Harva...  Learn More
2/11/15 7:00 PM
Economist Randy Albelda examines the rise in U.S. social immobility as a factor of labor conditions. Union organizer, Joey Mokos responds by discussin...  Learn More

First African American Graduate of Harvard Born

On this day in 1844, Richard Greener, the first African-American graduate of Harvard, was born. His unusual education was made possible by several wealthy Bostonians, who saw potential in the young ma...
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