• Hospital workers reflect and focus on the care they provide through the power of literature thanks to our facilitated group sessions in the Literature & Medicine program.

  • Bay State citizens host group readings of an abolitionist's historic words and consider contemporary race relations with our support for the Reading Frederick Douglass program.

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Let’s Talk New Grants

Our six new discussion grants provide for conversations of every size, shape, and subject. Whether you’re discussing morality with kids, reading Civil Rights texts, or hosting a panel of history experts, we have funding available.

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Going Public

Mass Humanities has received a $74,835 planning grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to launch an initiative that promises to transform the cultural and civic landscape of MA.

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Common Good Reads

We have a new grant for discussion programs which utilize Pulitzer Prize-winning literature and journalism in public libraries, Adult Basic Education programs or other community settings.

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Featured Grant: Henry V Conversations: What is a Just War?

Performing Shakespeare in the era of the War on Terror. The Actors’ Shakespeare Project presents the Bard as a playwright urgently relevant to our own times, whose work enables us to differently conceive of our most daunting questions. Their moving productions delved into the psychology of villains, the intricacies of race, and in this Henry V production, the questions inherent to the just war doctrine.

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7/27/16 2:00 PM5:00 PM
At the 2016 MA History Conference in Worcester this past June, Bob Forrant posed this question to the participants: Shall the smaller and larger organ...  Learn More
7/31/16 2:00 PM3:00 PM
Guy's book is short, but spans his work at the Nichols & Stone furniture factory from a high schooler to the day the plant closed 35 years later. He w...  Learn More

The Stockholm Rams the Andrea Doria

On this day in 1956, two ocean liners collided in thick fog, approximately 50 miles south of Nantucket. The Stockholm had just left New York City bound for Sweden. The Andrea Doria w...
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