• Annual Symposium: We bring together outstanding journalists, scholars, and public officials each fall for a series of public conversations examining fundamental aspects of our democratic culture.

  • Hospital workers reflect and focus on the care they provide through the power of literature thanks to our facilitated group sessions in the Literature & Medicine program.

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Celebrating 40 Years

We marked our 40th anniversary with a forum and gala at the Kennedy Library and conferred the first Governor's Awards in the Humanities.

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Find a Grant

We want your ideas for public programs that engage the humanities! We will award $350,000 this year in grants—inquire by 3/20 about one for your work.

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Experience of War

Mass Humanities seeks to expand its reading and discussion program in two VA Medical Centers or veterans/ military service organizations in MA.

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Featured Grant: The Harriet Jacobs Project

Black women’s stories continue to inspire us, challenge norms, and reflect on our humanity. Many black women writers deftly challenge accepted notions of humanity, race, gender, and sexuality, and the autobiography of Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, is among the foremost in this category.  Mass Humanities recognized the contemporary relevance of Jacobs’ story when approached by Underground Railway Theater to fund contextualizing events related to their 2009 performance of a stage adaptation of the historical account.

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3/4/15 6:30 PM8:00 PM
A reading and discussion program for families with children ages 10-13. Children and their parents or caregivers will read chapters from age-appropria...  Learn More
3/5/15 1:00 PM3:00 PM
This year Mass Humanities will award $350,000 in grants. Come learn more about our grant program and meet with our staff. Light refreshments will be s...  Learn More

Ruiz Wins World Heavyweight Championship

On this day in 2001, boxer Johnny Ruiz of Chelsea defeated Evander Holyfield in 12 rounds to become the first-ever Latino WBA heavyweight champion. Trained at a club in Somerville, Ruiz combined disci...
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