Publicity Guidelines

The Basics of Publicity and Your Funded Project

1) Listing your event(s) on our calendar

Just post your upcoming event(s) using this form. This is a crucial step that allows us to know how to promote your work.

2) Familiarize yourself with our publicity guidelines and logo requirements

Our logo files, logo requirements, and information to guide you on the appropriate usage and accompanying text can be found on the Mass Humanities Logo page. Briefly, the Mass Humanities logo must appear on all publicity materials associated with your funded project.

3) Sharing details about your work with our audience

We’ll share your events in our monthly event emails, newsletters, on our social media profiles, and so on. We also notify our audience about your work through grant announcements, letters to your local legislators, in our annual report, and many other ways.

4) Sharing details about our work with your audience

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook. Please do so! We’d also like you to share the news of your funding using one of the sample messages below. Be sure to tag Mass Humanities when you post!

Sample Facebook Post

[Our program] is supported by Mass Humanities, whose grants inspire considered thought, conversation, and action through the humanities. We’re happy to participate in their mission to improve civic life in Massachusetts. See more about what Mass Humanities does here:


Sample Twitter Post

We’re supported by @masshumanities, who supports thought, conversation, and action in Massachusetts:

The best way to stay up to date with us is to receive our e-newsletter. Please encourage others at your organization and your audience to subscribe on the Mass Humanities sign-up page.

5) Publicity Tips

We have put together a document with road map and suggestions on how to get the word out and the people to your events. Download Publicity: Getting the Word Out and the People In pdf.