• Improving Civic Life: Our grants inspire considered thought, conversation, and action through the humanities disciplines.

  • The Clemente Course: Students from disadvantaged backgrounds are given tuition-free, college level instruction for college credit. They study literature, art history, moral philosophy, American history, and writing.

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Work With Us

Are you curious, self-motivated, and independent? Do you care about the impact of the humanities on civic life? Consider joining our Northampton office as a full time Program Officer.

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Want to see what humanities events are going on in your neighborhood? Search our online calendar for wonderful exhibits, talks, walking tours, performances, festivals, and much more.

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We will award $350,000 this year in grants—inquire now about one for your work. Send us your ideas for public programs that engage the humanities! Our next LOI form deadline is September 21st.

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Featured Grant: 1763 Peace of Paris Project

The events of 1763 resulted in colonial laws that gave American revolutionaries a rallying cry.  This year marks the 250th anniversary of the Stamp Act, but to understand it and the many revolutionary events that followed, one must know the events of 1763. The Old State House Museum commemorated the significant historical events of 1763 with an exhibit that connected the dots between that year and the American Revolution.

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More events...
8/6/15 7:00 PM
David Martin, Distinguished Professor of International Law at the University of Virginia, will examine current political and ethical controversies rel...  Learn More
8/17/15 7:00 PM9:00 PM
In collaboration with numerous community partners, the Mahaiwe will present South County Stories, a local history plays project. Dozens of community m...  Learn More
Wednesday, August 5th

Who Gets the Glow?

Hawthorne and Melville Meet for the First Time

On this day in 1850, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Herman Melville were among a small group who climbed to the top of Monument Mountain in the Berkshires for a picnic. Hawthorne had recently published T...
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