• Hospital workers reflect and focus on the care they provide through the power of literature thanks to our facilitated group sessions in the Literature & Medicine program.

  • Bay State citizens host group readings of an abolitionist's historic words and consider contemporary race relations with our support for the Reading Frederick Douglass program.

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Find a Grant

We will award $350,000 this year in grants—inquire now about one for your work. Send us your ideas for public programs that engage the humanities! Our next LOI form deadline is September 22nd.

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Chew on This!

Join us in exploring food in Massachusetts public history: what we grow, what we eat, and what it all means. The 2015 Mass History Conference comes to Worcester June 1st.

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Reading Douglass

He had Lincoln's ear, now lend him yours. Bring the words of Frederick Douglass to your community this summer. We have funding opportunities to support your event.

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Featured Grant: My Farm at Waltham

Time travel two centuries back to a New England farm using just your smartphone. Gore Place is a bucolic 45-acre homestead in Waltham, a city otherwise known for its industrial city planning and contributions to the American labor movement. The grounds were designated a National Historic Landmark in 1970 for the site’s well-preserved architecture and its significance in interpreting social changes over the centuries.

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4/25/15 1:00 PM4:00 PM
Join us for a history adventure! Without clean water, we cannot exist. Before deep drilled wells, even in rural towns, clean water was tough to find w...  Learn More
4/28/15 6:30 PM8:30 PM
As part of the series, Shaking Two Nickels Together: A Literary Perspective on Impoverishment and Income Inequality, Dr. James Crowley leads a discus...  Learn More

Annie Oakley Purchases Smith & Wesson Gun

On this day in 1888, Annie Oakley, the star female sharpshooter in Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, purchased a Model 3 handgun made by the Springfield firm of Smith & Wesson. Horace Smith and ...
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