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Board Members Sought

Mass Humanities is actively seeking nominations of qualified individuals to serve on its board of directors. Candidates must live or work in Massachusetts and believe in the importance of the humanities and their relevance to contemporary life. If you would like to nominate someone, or are interested yourself, please read the information below and send a nomination to

Expectations of Board Members

Members of the Mass Humanities board share the belief that the study of history, literature, philosophy and the other humanities disciplines enrich our individual lives and make us more effective citizens.

While each member will draw upon his or her own experience and expertise to make a unique contribution to our work, all members of the Foundation board engage in:


  • Participating in the quarterly meetings of the board of directors in an informed fashion. Meetings take place in different, culturally significant locations each quarter.
  • Exercising due diligence in fulfilling the fiduciary responsibilities of a director of a nonprofit board.
  • Serving on at least one standing committee, including at least one year per three-year term on the Grant Review Committee.


  • Making Mass Humanities a personal priority in terms of charitable contributions and fundraising efforts.
  • Attending and helping to meet the goals of the annual benefit dinner.
  • Assisting staff and board members to identify, cultivate, and/or solicit potential donors.


  • Promoting the work of the Foundation whenever possible and appropriate.
  • Contacting state and federal officials regarding issues relevant to the Foundation, the Massachusetts Cultural Council, or the National Endowment for the Humanities.
  • Finding opportunities to expand the reputation of the Foundation, for example, by providing staff with media contacts, contacting the press, writing an article or letter to the editor, promoting the Foundation locally or at a meeting.

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